Title: Let it Go (The Bad Ending)
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So whilst analyzing Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’, I decided to see what would happen if I slowed and pitched it down a little bit.

It turns out, it sounds really fucking good.

What if Anna didn’t make it?


Disneyyandmore’s Disney Film Meme [x]
 Favorite Disney lady/girl: Ariel

Five soldiers from the 104th Training Squad + Colour palette.

Happy Easter, everyone!



HTTYD 2 + Drago Bludvist

I can’t wait to see Hiccup kick his butt

I have a feeling that hiccup won’t kick his butt in this movie. You see Drago wasn’t actually supposed to appear until the third movie, but Dean decided to bring him in early. This suggests that he still has a major roll in the third movie. I don’t believe that we will see any terminal ass kicking in httyd2, but it’s very possible in httyd3. Thats what i’m thinking anyway…

like we’re made of starlight

”Happy Easter, ya little ankle-biter.”

I like you, here’s a gifset: Chris Evans